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Dear Visitor !

I´d like to introduce myself. My name is Roberto and I live in Munich city in Germany. Since more than 10 years, I sell historic and ORIGINAL Third Reich items, but mainly documents. I currently own more than 1000 documents from the Third Reich period. All I do is to clean flats of people who deceased in my hometown Munich. The most old people habe kept all their documents from the past, such as letters, party member cards, photos and also very often signatures by well known Persons such as Hitler, Himmler and others. I buy their estate and sell it on Ebay or private. All my offered items are 100 % ORIGINAL and I give a lifetime money back guarantee for authenticity.

When you are familiar with the third Reich history, you certainly know that Munich was the Capitol of movement and Hitler´s favorite city in Germany. There, he lived and even had an apartment as well as a Villa here in my hometown. Not only Hitler lived here in Munich, but also Heinrich Himmler, Eva Braun and many other well known high Nazis.

I have listed many items on Ebay, but Ebay often cancel my auctions and restricts my account, although I have covered the swastika and all symbols. This is the reason why I have created this website. Here you can see my items which I can´t offer on Ebay.

And now enjoy my page!

Best regards from Munich





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