Third Reich Documents






Certificate of honor - Harvest Thanksgiving Day

signed by SS-Brigadeführer Johann Deininger


Offered is an original certificate of honor personally presented and signed by the Provincial Farmers' Leader of Bavaria on Thanksgiving Day 1938

The Provincial Farmers' Leader of Bavaria was Johann Deininger who was was a German politician of the NSDAP, agricultural functionary and SS-Brigadeführer. From 1933 to 1939 he was president of the Reich Farmers' Council. The office of the German Reich Farmers' Council was located in Munich until 1939 and served as an advisory council to the Reich Farmers' Leader with the objective of uniting the top forces of the Reich Farmers' Council into a unified Fuehrer Corps, an equivalent of the SS for the Farmers' Council

In November 1934, Deininger transferred from the SA to the SS. From that time on, he was subordinated to the SS Race and Settlement Main Office as a part-time leader. His highest rank in the SS was SS Brigadeführer

In 1933, Adolf Hitler decreed that the harvest festival should be celebrated centrally on the first Sunday in October. Harvest Thanksgiving Day, the first Sunday after September 29, was considered one of the highest national holidays of the Nazi state since it was announced in the Reich Law Gazette. Here, especially on the basis of the blood-and-soil ideology, the importance of the peasantry for the Reich was to be emphasized

On the 12 x 9.5 inch cardboard certificate is a large printed eagle with swastika and the embossed seal "Reichsnährstand -Blut und Boden-  Landesbauernschaft Bayern" (Reich Nutritional Council - Blood and Soil -  Bavarian farmers' association)


The text on the certificate reads as follows:

Certificate of honor

The Bavarian Land Farmers' Association presents this honorary certificate to Georg Dreyer for 15 years of faithful allegiance and honorable service to the German soil in the farm and business community.
on harvest thanksgiving day 1938, the provincial farmers' leader, signature J. Deininger


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Johann Deininger







Workbook - Conscripted to the Wehrmacht


Original workbook, issued on April 6, 1936 by the job center in Sagan to a German who fullfilled his RAD service (Reich labor service), worked as hairdresser and was then Conscripted to the Wehrmacht

Here the entries of the workbook:


Page 1: workbook # 34 Fre/ 6545

Name: Kurt Grossmann, signed by Kurt Grossmann


Page 2:

Birthday: january 2, 1915, born in Kunau, district Sprottau

Citizenship: German Reich

Family status: single

Children: none

Residence: Kunau 33


Page 3:

Completed apprenticeship: From 1.5.1929 to 26.11.1932 hairdresser apprentice
Apprenticing company: Friseurgeschäft Weise
Place: Sorau
Professional training: hairdressing school from 1.5.1932 to 26.11.1932
Other professional education: none
Agricultural knowledge: none
special skills for example driving license for motor vehicles or airplanes: none


Page 4:

Previous types of employment of longer duration:
hairdresser apprentice from May 2, 1933 to April 21, 1934
hairdresser's assistant at Friseur Wolf in Sagan from July 23, 1934 to February 9, 1935
hairdresser's assistant at Lutze from February 12, 1935 to August 31, 1935
Reich labor service from 1. 10 1935 to 26.3.1936


Page 5: Issued on April 6, 1936

Stamp print by the job center Sagan


Page 6 and 7:

Stamp print "Hairdresse Salon Else Schulz - Ladies and men's salon in Neuruppin, schinkelstraße 21, Barber store, worked from April 1, 1936 as a barber's assistant until August 31, 1936

Alois Hoffmann ladies and gentlemen hairdresser, worked as a hairdresser's assistant from 5.9.1936 to 18.1.1938
Ladies and gentlemen hairdresser Bruno Schnelle, worked as a journeyman hairdresser from 20.1.1938 to 26.3.1938
Lisbeth Winkler ladies and gentlemen hairdresser, worked as a hairdresser's assistant from 29.3.1938 to 4.2.1939
Deutsche Reichsbahn, worked as a railroad worker from May 9, 1939 to August 13, 1941


Page 8 and 9:

Handwritten entry: Workbook closed, drafted into the Wehrmacht, August 15, 1941


The workbook also includes the original leaflet for workbook owners and operators from June 1935


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NSDAP Document


Original document of the National Socialist German Labor Party, Gauleitung Saarpfalz, Office for Public Welfare.

The document is an original stationery of the Gauleitung Saarpfalz with swastika. Due to the laws in my home country, I have to cover the swastika. It is of course visible on the original document

On the document is the stamp print  "National Socialist German Labor Party - Office for Public Welfare - Gau Saarpfalz". Next to it is the signature of a female clerk

The text of the document reads as follows:


National Socialist German Labor Party - Gauleitung Saarpfalz

Office for Public Welfare - Gau Saarpfalz

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse - Tal stree 1

Department Public Welfare  

Relief organization "Mother and Child"


To Miss Luise Nägele

Comradeship home of the National socialistic women´s school for people´s care in Mannheim N 6,8

Subject: Scholarship application
As you have informed us through the party member Reich, your scholarship application has still not been approved. I immediately wrote to the main office, especially so that you would be granted the full scholarship of 80 Reichsmark per month. I have agreed with the Gau Amtskasse that for the months of April - May, an advance of 80 Reichsmark each, i.e. a total of 160 Reichsmark, will be transferred to the comradeship home.

They want to inform us immediately about the decision of the Main Office and transfer the amount of 160 Reichsmark back to the account 1295 at the Postscheckamt in Ludwigshafen after receipt of the scholarship. Please confirm this letter and the receipt of the money to me.

Heil Hitle... !


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Preferred share of Hermann Göring Reichswerke

Facsimile signatures by war criminals



Original preferred share of Hermann Göring Reichswerke. On the document is the embossed Hermann Göring seal and the facsimile signatures of SS member Paul Pleiger and Wilhelm Voß (English Wikipedia).

Paul Pleiger was charged with crimes against peace, plunder and participation in forced labor programs and sentenced on April 11, 1949 to 15 years imprisonment from April 15, 1945

Wilhelm Voß was a German economic manager, SS-Standartenführer as well as Wehrwirtschaftsführer and member of the circle of friends of Reichsführer SS, Heinrich Himmler

The Reichswerke Hermann Göring employed thousands of slave laborers from concentration camps

Paul Pleiger

Wilhelm Voss


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German Reich gazette - killed in action

published by the The Reich Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick


Original Ministerial Sheet of the Reich and Prussian Ministry of the Interior from September 3, 1941. This sheet was an internal sheet of the Ministry and not intended for the public! The Reich Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick published the names of Ministry employees who fell in June and July 1941

I have entered some names of the listed fallen at the German Volksbund website and most of them are listed there


Here the names of the listed soldiers:


Died for people and the fatherland:

Doctor Theo Bachmann government councilor in Lüneburg, captain and company commander, holder of the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class and the Infantry Storm Badge, killed in action in July 1941

Benedikt Eisele, orderly in Schussenried, medical private, killed in action in June 1941

Friedrich Seifert, government secretary in Stuttgart, first lieutenant and company commander, holder of the Iron Cross 2nd class, killed in action in June 1941

Willy Giese, government inspector in Marienwerder, first lieutenant and company commander, holder of the Iron Cross 2nd class, killed in action in June 1941

Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann, government assessor in Brackenheim, private, killed in action in June 1941

Herbert Klöden, clerk in Chemnitz, soldier, killed in action in June 1941

Walter Köhler, government secretary in Torgau, first lieutenant, holder of the War Cross of Merit second class with swords, killed in action in June 1941

Hans Kundmüller, government inspector in Hamburg Harburg, non-commissioned officer, holder of the Iron Cross 2nd class and the Panzer Assault Badge, killed in action in July 1941


Walter Kunitz, guard in Leipzig-Dösen, lance corporal, killed in July 1941

Doctor Otto Machatschke, government clerk in Magdeburg, soldier, killed in action in June 1941

Alfred Monneufe, administrative assistant in Zwickau, private, killed in action in June 1941

Kurt Rakete, government secretary in Leobschütz, lieutenant, killed in action in July 1941

Doktor Ludwig Schaffer, Government Assessor in Würzburg, gunner, killed in action in June 1941

Eugen Schneck, government secretary in Stuttgart, SS-Unterscharführer, killed in action in July 1941

Hellmut Seiler, government assistant in Grimma, NCO, killed in action in June 1941

Max Tafel, government councilor in Munich, NCO, killed in action in June 1941

Wilhelm Tetz, clerk in Marienwerder, sergeant, killed in action in June 1941

Wilhelm Thies, surveyor in Schwerin, NCO, killed in action in July 1941

Fritz Ullrich, assessor in Magdeburg, lieutenant, killed in action in June 1941

Honor the memory of this brave!
Berlin August 25, 1941
The Reich Minister of the Interior, Frick

Sold to Scott


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SS-Unterscharführer Eugen Schneck








ORIGINAL WW2 leaflet - Italy 1940


Offered is a very rare original leaflet from the estate of the then consul in Genoa, Robert Kiderlen

On the document is the facsimile signature of Hans Georg Mackensen, SS Gruppenführer and Ambassador General of Rome and the facsimile signature by the LANDESGRUPPENLEITER (Country Group Leader)

The text of the document reads as follows:

Men and women of the German colonies in Italy!
The winter battle of the Greater German people against adversity has been fought out victoriously! The war winter relief work of the German people is finished!

Almost 1.5 million lire have been raised by you. You have shown, German men and women in Italy, that you have understood the Führer's call.

Worthily you have joined the great defensive front of the German people. One battle has been fought. But the victory is not yet ours. We still have to tie on the helmet, towards the next goal!
The Fuhrer has ordered a new battle ! We follow the Fuhrer !!

The tasks of the German Red Cross expanded gigantically during the war. Not only was there enormous work to be done at the front and at home - but new tasks also arose for the German Red Cross abroad. Here, the main task was to ease the lot of prisoners and internees

The Fuhrer has ordered that in the period from April 1 to September 30, 1940, a war relief work of the German Red Cross be carried out in order to raise the funds for this task from voluntary donations of the entire Greater German people

Germans abroad! There can be no more beautiful task for you than to help in this work to ease the lot of your interned German brothers and sisters abroad.
German men and women in Italy, always keep in mind that they, deprived of all their possessions, driven from their homes and farms, have to languish in enemy concentration camps, while here in Italy you do not even have to put up with the smallest inconveniences that are a matter of course for your fellow Germans at home.

Show also in this battle that the Italian Germans are in the first place when it comes to emulating the homeland! Be worthy of this great time, be worthy of the Fuehrer!

Rome April 1, 1940

The german Ambassador

Hans Georg von Mackensen


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WW2 document - War Victim Services 1941


Original document of the national socialist war victims service from the district Westphalia South from july 19, 1941. The document is an original stationery of the national socialist war victims service with stamp " National Socialist War Victims Service - Department Organization - Gau Westphalia South"

The text reads as follows:

national socialist war victims service
district Westphalia South

Dortmund, July 19, 1941
To Wilhelm Hellwig in Medebach, Ober street
You were proposed at that time by the local group leader and also by our district office leader, party member Elges, for comradeship leader of the comradeship in Medebach. As can be seen from available documents, your agreement has not yet been received here. Please let us know immediately if you agree with the appointment. In the interest of proper comradeship leadership, we ask you to give us your consent so that we can appoint you as comradeship leader. We look forward to receiving a prompt notification. Heil Hitl...! Signed by a Gauhauptstellenleiter

Please note: I googled the mentioned person. The Hellwig family still living in Medebach

German Wikipedia writes: "From the beginning of National Socialist rule, political and racially motivated repression also occurred in Medebach. There were calls to boycott Jewish businesses. The anti-Jewish measures also included the deletion of Jews from the membership lists of local clubs

Already in October 1938 the Jewish community had to give way to the pressure of the authorities and sell the synagogue. In the Reich Pogrom Night of November 10-11, 1938, the Jewish house of worship was destroyed and numerous houses of Jewish citizens were demolished. Large stocks of goods were destroyed

Much worse were the harassments of the people. On November 28, the Jewish inhabitants were ordered to emigrate or at least to make preparations for it. As a result of this pressure, all Jewish residents left the village by 1939. Many emigrated, others were murdered in concentration camps



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Original German WW2 share Sugar refinery 

Holocaust - Judaica - Auschwitz 1942



Original share of the Dessauer plants for sugar and chemical industry from January 28, 1942
Dessauer Sugar refinery GmbH was a company in Dessau and the main manufacturer of Zyklon B, a disinfestation product that was also used for mass murder in Nazi death camps
After the First World War, the Dessau sugar refinery was to process the hydrocyanic acid produced in Contigas' Dessau gas works during the manufacture of illuminating gas. To this end, Dessauer Werke für Zucker- und Chemische Industrie AG was founded on September 11, 1921
In 1922, Degesch conducted negotiations with Dessauer Zuckerraffinerie GmbH on the production of Zyklon B. The only customer for Zyklon B was Degesch, which was also the patent holder. The product was manufactured for the gassing of mills, ships, cold stores and for delousing in mass accommodations such as military barracks. In 1943, it was estimated that 80 tons were needed for the war industry alone. Exports went to Turkey, Switzerland and Sweden in 1943. In 1942, the exact year when the share was valid, Zyklon B was mainly used for mass murder in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp


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Two documents of the NSDAP auxiliary train Bavaria
Reich Party Congress 1937


2 very rare ration coupons of the NSDAP auxiliary train Bavaria!

The Bavarian relief train had already been created in 1934. The idea was to provide medical care and feed the masses, especially at the Reich Party Congress in Nuremberg. However, the relief train was also used in the annexed territories and after the annexation of Austria in March 1938 in Vienna or after the Polish War even in Warsaw.

However, the relief train was not a train but consisted of several truck convoys

These two offered ration coupons of the NSDAP auxiliary train Bavaria are from the Reich Party Congress in Nuremberg in 1937. One ration coupon is from the NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) camp in Nuremberg Mögeldorf and the other one is from the SA Standarte 112


The following entries can be found on the ration coupons:

National Socialist German Workers' Party Auxiliary Train Bavaria

NSKK camp

Location: Nuremberg Mögeldorf

Date: 8. September 1937

Instruction for catering to be delivered

Rationing strength 67 men

A. Breakfast

67 pieces butter a 50 grams

67 pieces jam

150 pieces bred

Acknowledgement of receipt: Signature of NSkk Sturmführer


 SA-Standarte 112

Instruction for catering to be delivered

Receiver: SA-Scharführer Stiegler

Rationing strength 120 men

D. March rations

1 box of sausage 200 pieces A 150 grams
1 carton of cheese 200 pieces A 125 grams
1 carton of cookies of 200 packets
4 bags of 40 breads to 250 grams
200 liters of tea
Signature of a SA-Scharführer Stiegler


NSDAP Hilfszug Bayern in Dunkirk

Trucks of the Hilfszug


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Third Reich law gazette sheet

decree by Adolf Hitler

Original "internal" German Reich law gazette, published in Berlin on June 15,1939

The text reads:

Decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor Supplementing the Second Decree on the Awarding of Titles of June 5, 1939

On the basis of paragraphs 2 and 7 of the Law on Titles, Orders and Decorations of July 1, 1937 ( Reich Law Gazette 1, page 725), I decree the following:

Paragraph 1 of the second decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor on the awarding of titles (titles for stage, film and sound artists) of October 22, 1937 (Reich Law Gazette 1 page 1137) , shall be replaced by the following:



Stage, film and sound artists who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding manner I will award the following titles:
General Director, State Theater Director, State Opera Director, State Conductor, State Actor, Chamber Singer, Chamber Virtuoso, Chamber Musician, State Ballet Master, Master Dancer

Berlin, June 5, 1939


The Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor

Adolf Hitler

The Reich Minister of the Interior
Wilhelm Frick

The Reich Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda
Doctor Goebbels


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