Wilhelm Pfannenstiel - Friedrich Kutscher - Hans Möckelmann - Heinrich Wiebel signed German study booklet

Signed by war criminal - concentration camp


What a treasure !!!

I offer you an original study booklet, issued from the German Philipps University in Marburg to student Gertrud Dürwanger. The amazing is, that several very well known Germans have signed this booklet. Here the description:

Cover reads: Study booklet of Gertrud Dürwanger

Study: Sports

page 1: photo of Gertrud Dürwanger with two stamps "Office of the Philipps University in Marburg"

page 2: data of Gertrud Dürwanger, born on 7. November 1915 in Aschaffenburg, German Reich citizen, certificate of eligibility from Aschaffenburg issued on 16. March 1935

page 3.: stamps of the University and note that she was on the Univeristy until 4. May 1938, signed by Professor Stephan Euckert

page 6 and 7: entry: study of physical education, twice hand signed by Wilhelm Pfannenstiel !!! He is listed on English Wikipedia. Pfannenstiel was a SS-Standartenführer and Nazi Physican.

page 6 and 7: stamp signature by Hans Möckelmann. He was the head of the University and also teached sports according to the racial ideology. Möckelmann was an anti semitic SS member of the allgemeine SS and his rank was a SS-Untersturmführer.

page 6 and 7: Entry: first aid on accidents, hand signed by Heinrich Wiebel who was a German sports doctor and Professor.

page 8 and 9: ink signature by German Chief resident and surgeon Johannes Friedrich Baumann. He was a member of the S.A. and his rank was a S.A._medical Scharführer

page 8 and 9: ink signature by Friedrich Kutscher. He is listed on German Wikipeda. Kutscher was a physiologist and Professor at the Marburg University.He  signed the commitment of the professors at German universities and colleges to Hitler and the National Socialist state.

Wilhelm Pfannenstiel

Friedrich Kutscher




Robert Ley ink signed Heinrich Hoffmann image

I offer you an original  9 x 7 inch press image by Heinrich Hoffmann who was Hitlers private photographer. The image was personally ink signed by Doctor Robert Ley who was the head of the German labor front. The image shows Robert Ley and many other well known Germans. Below of the image is following text:

"solemn meeting of the working chamber in the mosaic hall of the German Reich Chancellery. On 2. May, German Reich organization leader Doctor Robert Ley has awarded the national socialistic model plants inside the mosaic hall of the German Reich Chancellery. By order of the Führer, Professor Porsche, Professor Heinkel as well as German Reich economy Minister Funk were appointed to Pioneers of work. The image shows: German Reich organization leader Doctor Ley while honoring Professor Heinkel. On the right sits Professor Porsche and next to him German Reich Post Minister Ohnesorge."

$ 189.00 include postage

Robert Ley

























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