Albert Speer signed photo

Small 3.5 x 2.3 inch photo, signed by Albert Speer. On the back is the handwritten note: "alpine village in Innsbruck - June 1942...illegible"

Please note !! I am sure that the signature by Speer is NOT from 1942, so I have no idea when he signed that photo


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Rochus Misch autograph & sender address stamp print

!!! Offer !!!


Offered is an ORIGINAL signature by Rochus Misch, former SS-Oberscharführer in the Leibstandarte SS "Adolf Hitler", member of the Fuehrerbegleitkommando working at the Fuehrer's headquarters, lastly telephone operator in the Fuehrer's bunker in Berlin. Misch left the Führerbunker early in the morning of May 1, 1945, after Goebbels had relieved him of his function as telephone operator

He signed for me a CD cover of his radio play book . On the back of the cover you can see his sender's stamp twice and his short signature "RM"

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German Professor Eugen Gildemeister signed document

Participant on concentration camp Buchenwald human experiments


Original document, personally ink signed by German Professor Eugen Gildemeister on the stamp "Prussian Institute of infectious diseases Robert Koch".

Eugen Gildemeister is listed on German Wikipedia who wrote about him:
Eugen Gildemeister was a German bacteriologist and President of the Robert Koch Institute. Gildemeister was involved with medical Typhus experiments on inmates of concentration camp Buchenwald. After the Nazis came to power, Gildemeister became director and vice president of the Robert Koch Institute in 1935. He was a member of the NS doctors League. He was significant involved in decision and planning of pseudo medical experiments on inmates of concentration camps Buchenwald, Natzweiler, Sachsenhausen and Dachau. He was concerned with extraction of a Typhus vaccine. On March 3rd, 1942, he was present as 145 inmates of camp Buchenwald had been wilful infected with Typhus. Five of those inmates died during the experiment, but altogether 250 people didn´t survive his experiments. On May 8th, 1945, the day of German surrender, Gildemeister committed suicide in Berlin.

The offered document is a vintage original
war indispensability card


Rubberstamped "Prussian Institute for Infectious diseases Robert Koch" - Next to that stamp is the signature by Eugen Gildemeister

The entries on the card reads as follows:

"Prussian Institute of infectious diseases Robert Koch" signed by Eugen Gildemeister.

The text on the document reads:

The indispensability position is requested by the Robert Koch Institute, N 65 Föhrer street 2 for the heater

Name: Erich Wirsig

Birthdate: march 7, 1889

Birthplace: Zieserwitz in Wroclaw, district Neumark

Residence: Berlin N 65, Föhrer street 2

Family status: married, no children

Profession group: 1 of profession C 1

Labor book #: 40/1100209 Gä

Learned profession: Gardener

Exact details of employment: Heater for 4 central heating systems in the institute

Army #: Berlin I/98/331/4

Responsible Army district commando: Berlin I

Active military service fulfilled:  from 27. may 1918 to 30. January 1919 with Infantry Regiment 55

Military service: Landwehr 1

Part of the Wehrmacht: WH

Weapon category: Landesschützen battalion

Last rank: Private

Draft on: 26. August 1939 until 24. April 1940 with the 4th Landesschützen battalion 313

Current location or Feldpost #: see cuttent # 5, currently indispensable

Justification: see special letter

Handsigned, Gildemeister


On the backside of the document is the stamp print of the "Army district Commando Berlin" and the confirmation that the heater will be made indispensable until further notice. Below is the stamp print of the job center Berlin


Special offer price $ 40.00 include shipping costs


try to find another Eugen Gildemeister autograph on the internet - NO CHANCE !

Eugen Gildemeister on Wikipedia




















Reserved for George

Wilhelm Pfannenstiel - Friedrich Kutscher - Hans Möckelmann - Heinrich Wiebel signed German study booklet


Signed by war criminal - concentration camp


What a treasure !!!

I offer you an original study booklet, issued from the German Philipps University in Marburg to student Gertrud Dürwanger. The amazing is, that several very well known Germans have signed this booklet. Here the description:

Cover reads: Study booklet of Gertrud Dürwanger

Study: Sports

page 1: photo of Gertrud Dürwanger with two stamps "Office of the Philipps University in Marburg"

page 2: data of Gertrud Dürwanger, born on 7. November 1915 in Aschaffenburg, German Reich citizen, certificate of eligibility from Aschaffenburg issued on 16. March 1935

page 3.: stamps of the University and note that she was on the Univeristy until 4. May 1938, signed by Professor Stephan Euckert

page 6 and 7: entry: study of physical education, twice hand signed by Wilhelm Pfannenstiel !!! He is listed on English Wikipedia. Pfannenstiel was a SS-Standartenführer and Nazi Physican.

page 6 and 7: stamp signature by Hans Möckelmann. He was the head of the University and also teached sports according to the racial ideology. Möckelmann was an anti semitic SS member of the allgemeine SS and his rank was a SS-Untersturmführer.

page 6 and 7: Entry: first aid on accidents, hand signed by Heinrich Wiebel who was a German sports doctor and Professor.

page 8 and 9: ink signature by German Chief resident and surgeon Johannes Friedrich Baumann. He was a member of the S.A. and his rank was a S.A._medical Scharführer

page 8 and 9: ink signature by Friedrich Kutscher. He is listed on German Wikipeda. Kutscher was a physiologist and Professor at the Marburg University.He  signed the commitment of the professors at German universities and colleges to Hitler and the National Socialist state.

Wilhelm Pfannenstiel

Friedrich Kutscher



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